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About Us

Datastars IO was founded in 2019 with the aim to provide high quality digital lead generation to our customers. With an international team with several years of experience in this sector, currently we are active in the United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Canada and United States, with the purpose to expand our business in other countries soon.

What We Do

Our mission is simple: help our partners to grow their databases for marketing purposes.

In today’s competitive world, quality lead generation is essential for any business that wants to boost its sales and maximize ad spend.

As industry veterans, we know how to make lead generation speedy and cost-effective. From email to phone to cookies and more, we deliver leads through a wealth of proven performance-based digital avenues. We can reach and laser-target any audience, securing their consent through a compliance check. Our core strength lies in delivering leads and data to Call Centers and through Email Marketing, Direct Mailing and Cookie Data.

Why Choose us?

We understand your #1 goal – to boost ROI. That’s why the DataStars team works so hard to deliver both quality and quantity through in-house build systems that evaluate leads in real-time.

Quality Assurance

Our intelligent automated lead-generation system examines both the inputted data and user engagement to filter out weak leads. We only deliver high-quality information that passes our stringent scoring system.

Fraud detection

Our in-house and external fraud detection tools ensure the leads we deliver are real and ready to engage.

Committed to your goals

We keep your ROI goals and general objectives in mind, working closely with you to fulfil your marketing goals.

Lead Segmentation

You can easily define your ideal customer by age, gender, socio-economics, and more. This puts the power in your hands, plus, you’ll only pay for results. That’s part of our promise to help you reach the right audience and crush your objectives.

Real-time delivery

We deliver leads upon registration, meaning they are hot and ready for action.

In-House build technology

Our bespoke technology ensures unbeatable experiences with full support from our experienced technical team.

Simple technical integration

No matter your current external interface, you can integrate our system quickly and easily using API (GET/POST), XML, and CSV, among others.

Compliance check

Our leads have been carefully gathered in line with local regulations. We are fully GDPR, TCPA, and CAN-SPAM compliant for your peace of mind.

Send us an email today to learn more. Your dedicated account manager is ready to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Our Partners

Companies we delivered leads for:

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